Research Reports

From time to time, Hawaiian Mission Houses staff or contractors will produce research reports that will be accessible through this link. Please check back often to see what new research has been added.

Thomas A. Woods, Michael Smola, Betty Lou Kam, Domestic Arts Textiles, Domesticity, Education, and Meaning, (Honolulu, Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives, 2015). This publication was created for the Domestic Arts Room of the 1821 Mission House and funded by the Hawai`i Council for the Humanities.
   “Missionary and Native Hawaiian Attitudes Toward Sexuality and Clothing” by Thomas A. Woods,
    Ph.D., Executive Director
   “19th Century Women's Education” by Michael Smola, Curator of Programs and
   “Fabrics of Change Domestic Arts in the Hawaiian Islands” by Betty Lou Kam, Guest Curator