Bicentennial Commemorative Bag


Bicentennial Commemorative Bag

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In honor of the Bicentennial Commemoration events that were planned for April and May, Hawaiian Mission Houses commissioned our “Bicentennial Commemoration Bags.” They were intended for use as people participated in events and are filled with goodies.

While the events have been postponed, the bags are here! Order one today to mark the occasion of the mission’s founding, 200 years ago this month.

Included among the goodies… Hawaiian Mission Houses hand sanitizer!

Hawaiian Mission Houses Bicentennial Commemorative Bag.  (a $30 Value)

Contents include:

Tote Bag

Hawaiian Mission Houses Guide Book

Pocket Notebook with Pen

Ka Pa’i Palapala Early Printing in Hawaii Book

Primer Hawaiian Alphabet Book

Pocket Spray Hand Sanitizer

Get this Bicentennial Commemorative bag with our Bicentennial logo printed on the tote bag, hand sanitizer, and notebook.

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