Library Collections

Today, the HMCS/MHM Library collection contains over 12,000 printed volumes and over 300 linear feet of manuscript material, including:

• Correspondence of the New England Protestant missionaries living in Hawai‘i, including letters, journals and reports, personal as well as business, 1820 - 1880.

• Archives of the Hawaiian Evangelical Association, including individual church records and reports written by American protestant missionaries and Native Hawaiian pastors.

• Hawaiian-language books, including the earliest imprints in the language, 1822 - 1900.

• Micronesian and Marquesan language books and primary sources.

• Books on early voyages to Hawai‘i and the Pacific.

• Pictorial collections, including drawings, sketches, lithographs, photographs and copperplate engravings.

• Microfilm of missionary letters and journals

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John Plews - False Alarm in the Reading Room
Listen to former Hawaiian Mission Children's Society president John Plews share a
humorous story about the Hawaiian Mission Houses reading room