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Thomas A. Woods, ed., Kōkua Aku, Kōkua Mai: Chiefs, Missionaries, and Five Transformations of the Hawaiian Kingdom (Honolulu: Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society, 2018)

David W. Forbes, Ralph Thomas Kam, Thomas A. Woods, Partners in Change: A Biographical Encyclopedia of American Protestant Missionaries in Hawaiʻi and their Hawaiian and Tahitian Colleagues, 1820-1900 (Honolulu: Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society, 2018)
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Awaiaulu and Puakea Nogelmeier, translation of William Richards’s No Ke Kalaiaina , and Thomas A. Woods, No Ke Kalaiaina and William Richards’s Seminar for the Aliʻi: A Major Catalyst for Mid-Nineteenth-Century Change in Hawaiʻi 
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Engraved at Lahainaluna, by David Forbes

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Between 1834 and 1844, a remarkable collection of copperplate engravings issued forth from the Lahainaluna Seminary, a school on the island of Maui run by the Hawaiian Mission. Collectively, these engravings—views of the Hawaiian Islands, including towns and rural settlements, portraits, objects of natural history, and original maps and charts—form one of the most important visual records of nineteenth-century Hawai`i before the age of photography.

Listen to retired University of Hawai`i Art professor and Bailey descendant Duane Preble talk about Edward Bailey and 
Lahainaluna engraving process

Although most of the drawings on which the engravings are based were done by members of the Hawaiian Mission, the actual engravings are all the work of young Hawaiians, many of them students at the Lahainaluna Seminary. This is the first study of the entire body of engraved work produced by Hawaiians at Lahainaluna Seminary and includes biographical information on the young engravers.

Proudly published by the Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives, Engraved at Lahainaluna comes in a standard version.

The limited edition, signed by author David Forbes and numbered from 1 - 150, which retails for $150, plus tax. All of the proceeds from this book will help benefit the Hawaiian Mission Houses educational programs and operations. 

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