Genealogy and Cemetery

To help us keep the Society’s genealogical records up to date, please keep us informed of all births, marriages, divorces, and deaths in your family. You can find the most updated roster HERE.

Please complete the appropriate Vital Statistics and Enrollment Forms, and return completed forms to the Society. Alternatively, you can fill them out online. Also, please note that in order to successfully complete enrollments, all the requested information must be supplied. If not, your record will not be fully updated, and you will be contacted by HMH to provide the missing information.

Enrollment includes a one time $25 enrollment fee.


Descendant Enrollment Form to fill out and print

Spouse Enrollment Form to fill out and print

Information Update Form to fill out and print

Report of Death or Divorce to fill out or print

The Society now has genealogical software. Volunteers assist us by keeping each family up to date, but we need your help. If you have already sleuthed your family tree and have that information in your computer, we want to know. Once we have verified your data, we will add it to our system and then, in turn, share what we have with you. 

Recently, Participating Members received printouts of their genealogy as a thank you for their donations. If you would like yours, please contact us to let us know.


Enrolled members of the Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society may be buried in Mission Cemetery at Kawaiaha`o Church. Please follow these links for information.

Policies for Burials and Disinterments

For help with Genealogy or Cemetery questions or concerns, contact Society Relations Director Mary Ann Alexander Lentz at or (808) 447-3922.


Please email Lisa Solomine ( to assist in Genealogy and Administration.