Dr. Judd's Dispensatory and Levi Chamberlain's Depository are the newest additions to the reinterpretation at Hawaiian Mission Houses. 

The re-creation of Dr. Judd's Dispensatory takes us back to the Western medical practices of the early 1830s and the types of materials he had on hand to treat missionaries and Native Hawaiians.  It allows us to interpret the ways in which Dr. Judd interacted with Native Hawaiians in a medical context and the ways in which he changed his own practice in light of Native Hawaiian medical knowledge.

Levi Chamberlain's Depository shows how the missionaries were supported in their basic living needs by the ABCFM, Native Hawaiians, and folks back in New England.  The different varieties of goods, food, and other living necessities are all on display for you to see so you can  learn about how the missionaries met their basic living needs, as well as the types of goods missionaries used to trade with Native Hawaiians and pay for labor done on behalf of the mission.