Library Collections

The HMCS Library collections focus on the Missionary Period in Hawaiian history and contain over 12,000 printed volumes and over 250 linear feet of manuscript material, including:

• Hawaiian-language imprints produced on the missionary press
• Micronesian and Marquesan language books, including Bibles
• Microfilms of missionary journals and letters
• Missionary journals, written in their own hand
• Photographs of missionaries and their homes and churches. Also of Hawaiian ali´i.
• Art-on-paper. Many missionaries were proficient in art, and some of their work has survived.
• Pamphlets related to missionary work and everyday lives
• To search our published works, go to our online catalog.

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Gov. John Burns is presented with a copy of the Missionary Album
T. Twigg Smith, Charles Black, Rev. Akaka, Annie Kanahele, and Rev. Terpstra
present Gov. John Burns with a copy of the Missionary Album (Sept. 1969)

Listen as Betty Alexander shares her experience working on the Missionary Album