Bicentennial 2020 

Bicentennial Goals and Objectives

An Opportunity for Reflection and Rejuvenation

Goal 1. Bring national attention to the uniqueness of the relationship that occurred in the mid-nineteenth century between the missionaries and Hawaiian ali‘i to cooperate on introducing literacy, Christianity, constitutional government, polyphonic music, and Western medicine, and the living legacy of that cooperation.

Goal 2. Build better understandings about how cooperative relationships were created that achieved these outcomes and how new cooperative relationships are needed today to address today’s challenges.

Goal 3. Build a resource base for the future
that sustains and enhances this organization’s mission and vision.

Read the full statement of Goals and Objectives: HERE

Dates of interest - 200 years ago and today ...

Celebrating the Hawaiian Mission Bicentennial - A link to Peter Young's history of HMCS
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Annual Meeting dates for the Hawaiian Mission Children's Society and

the Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archvies have been set as follows:

2019:    April 6

2020:    April 25

These weekends are full of fellowship and history. Plan now to be in Honolulu!