Annual Meeting 2020

The 168th Annual Meeting of the Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society was held Saturday, April 25. 

For the first time ever,the meeting was held entirely remotely, via GoToMeeting. 103 people participated from across the nation, to vote in new Trustees, approve minutes from the 2019 meeting, and pass Bylaw amendments. 
While we are postponing the official“count” (or Roll Call) until when we can meet in person, we did ask attendees to write in the Chat function what missionary families they were from. If they were not missionary descendants, we encouraged attendees to write in an important ancestor or how they trace their family lineage.
We are grateful to everyone who attended—this year’s meeting had even more attendees than last year’s!
Here are some interesting facts about the attendees at Annual Meeting 2020:

103 participants from: 

Hawaii Island, Kauai, Maui, Oahu, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, 
Indiana, Massachusettes, New York, Oregon, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin
6 past and current Board Presidents
28 past and current Board of Trustees members
1 Executive Director Emeritus, Dr. Tom Woods
Roll Call for annual meeting counts descendants
20 Judds; 16 Alexanders; 16 Baldwins; 15 Bonds; 13 Cookes; 9 Bishops; 7 Rices; 
7 Lowell Smiths; 6 Thurstons; 6 Andrews; 5 Ruggles; 4 Binghams; 4 Lymans;
3 or fewer descendants of L. Chamberlain, Wilcox, J.W. Smith, Ives, Tute Tehuiarii,
Whitney, Pogue, Clark, Hall, Hitchcock, and Castle families
1 descendant from pilgrim William Bradford
 1 descendant from James Hunnewell, First Mate on the Thaddeus
1 descendant whose family traces to Kaʻū, Hawaiʻi, where ʻŌpūkahaʻia was from

Laurel Bowers Husain to serve a first 3-year term
Hailama Farden to serve a first 3-year term
Kaliko Martin to serve a first 3-year term
Paul Morgan to serve a first 3-year term
Mary Schlink to serve a first 3-year term

Juliette Cooke to serve a second 3-year term
David Hirano to serve a second 3-year term
Jim Hunnewell to serve a second 3-year term
Ken Makuakane to serve a second 3-year term
Wendy Rice Peterson to serve a second 3-year term

Sarah Richards to serve a third 3-year term

Election will take place at the HMCS Annual Meeting, April 25, 2020, 10:00 am.

According to the HMCS Bylaws:

Additional nominations to the Board of Trustees may be made by presenting written notice of such nominations, signed in each case by no fewer than twenty (20) Enrolled Members. Such notice must be received by the Secretary at the Society’s principal business address at least thirty (30) days before date of the Annual Meeting of Enrolled Members. Nominations from the floor at the Annual Meeting of Enrolled members will not be permitted.